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We are your advocates for health insurance and medical bill issues, medication reviews, care management needs & more!  

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About Us

Managing Your Meds

Patient Advocacy

Did you know that there is an 80% chance you have a drug reaction if you take 4 or more medications or supplements?

We review all of your medications and supplements to ensure there are no adverse drug reactions and tell you when and how each medication should be taken.

Fixing Your Medical Bills

Medical Bills, Health Insurance

Over 80% of medical bills have an error.  This yields over $600 Billion in medical billing errors that benefit the insurance companies and health systems.

We ensure your health insurance cover age is active, your medical bills are right, that you only pay what you owe, and that you get the relief you need.  

Being Your Advocate

Medication Management

95% of Americans have no idea how their health insurance and health system work.  You need help navigating your health journey.

We work on your behalf to get the resources, services, and care that you deserve and need to get better.  We work for you, not the insurance company or the health system.

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